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Welcome to Audiebant Media

Intelligent audio communication solutions, committed to putting your brand first.

Introducing Audio OOH

to the UK with world-first technology in dedicated site takeovers.

Digital Out of Home

visually immersing consumers in your brand.

Putting Brand Advertising

in consumers’ hands, driving 75% average recall.

About Us

Audiebant Media creates a controlled advertising surround sound, designed to connect with audiences.

Inspired by the senses, Audiebant Media’s first of its kind technology puts your brand at the centre of the consumer psyche, through unmissable advertising they can hear, see and touch all at once.

[Be part of] The future of advertising.

Our exclusive partnership with EG Group puts our Audie-Approach in action. With this network, we create effective advertising campaigns that drive results and sales.

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What Our Clients Say

    Mark Lancaster
    Mark Lancaster

    Liverpool City Council | Lifestyles Operations Manager

    “Audiebant has proved to be a great asset to our service and therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending Audiebant as a reliable efficient supplier to any similar Local Government Authority.”

      Chantelle Doughty
      Chantelle Doughty

      Senior Marketing Manager | Thirteen Housing Group

      “The in-store radio announcements have helped us enhance the customer experience greatly, whilst promoting the wide range of products and services we offer and enabled us to increase guidance to a captive audience which has been invaluable.”

        John Dyson
        John Dyson

        Head of Commercial Services | Knowsley Council

        “Audiebant has enabled us to reach a wide audience through our network of Leisure facilities. This has been particularly helpful given the limited resources we have available for direct community engagement and promotional activities.”

          Dan Stribling
          Dan Stribling

          Marketing Communications Manager | Salford Community Leisure

          “The ability to communicate with our captive audience has resulted in an increase in our revenue streams, membership upturn and overall greater use of our fantastic facilities by the community of Salford.”

            Catherine Briggs
            Catherine Briggs

            Senior Nurse | Corporate Nursing | NHS Foundation Trust

            “It has been a real pleasure working with you and your teams to get this installed so quickly for us. Your attention to detail and follow up visit to our site, to ensure the sound and tone/pitch of the announcements was accurate, highlights your professionalism and commitment of us as clients and indeed your business.”




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